Cook with Comali sensation Dharsha Gupta's name came into criticism on social media as a small section of netizens shared memes that claimed that Dharsha cheated small business vendors. The memes became viral on Instagram and other social media forums and Dharsha's fans were confused about it. A lot of fans tagged Dharsha and asked if the rumours are true. To clear the air and give clarity on the whole topic, Dharsha Gupta hosted an Instagram live session and during the live, she opened up about the entire issue. For the first-ever time, Dharsha broke down and shed tears, adding that she was hurt because of the false accusations.

Talking about it in detail, Dharsha said, "I am always a positive person and I never take negativity. But still, there are certain negativities that take a toll on us. I've been seeing memes for the last 3 - 4 days on social media. I did not know about this at all. It was Pavithra (Cook with Comali fame) who told me first about this. She told me that there were false accusation memes against me and that is when I learned about it. Recently, I posted a few of my pictures on Instagram and most of the comments were like, 'you cheated small businesses', 'you are a cheater', and more. I wanted to clarify it and I will be doing it through this video. I would not voluntarily go to any company and tell them I'd promote their brand. It is always the companies and business vendors who come and ask us to help their brands.

Many of the personalities that I know get money for the promotions and only after the money gets credited, they promote the brands through stories or posts. But, I have never accepted payments for these promotions. As a kind gesture to help small-time businesses and newer brands, I would promote their contents free of cost. But, what have I received now, for that? Abuse and hate and trolls? This is so hurting. There are so many abusive messages, hateful comments, and whatnot! I intended to help them, but they have turned it against me. One of the companies that asked me to promote their content told me to do it immediately, within a span of two days.

I am busy shooting for my projects and I can possibly do it only when I am free. I am not going to go anywhere without doing it. When I am doing it for free, how can they pressurise me? To all those who've abused me, ask the company if I got any payment from them. I never cheated anyone and did not give any false promises. Why is everyone so eager to find faults? I did not want to cry, but this situation has made me emotional. I have been badly hurt. But, my heartfelt thanks to all the dear ones who've poured so much love in the last few days,".

You can watch the video below: