Celebrities thank their teachers!

Our teachers are always special as they make a wonderful learning experience to us! To pay a tribute to the valuable contribution made by our teachers, the whole of India celebrates Teacher's Day on September 5, 2011. For every one, today is a special occasion to express their gratitude. Here we take a look at what Kollywood celebs feel about their teachers.

Prasanna: My Tamil teacher Mrs. Abisindhi Vasanth is very special to me. She was the one who made me a hero for the first time. When I was in my 11th Std. Abi amma made me the hero of a play. I played Bhagavan Daas, a historical character,  very close to Emperor Akbar. She thus gave me my first big acting break and strengthened my acting dreams.

Krishna: Mrs. Merci. It was she who saw the talent in me as a dancer and showed me the stage. Also, she was instrumental in bringing me into cinema too. When the assistant director for Anjali directed by Mani Ratnam came to school to hire the best dancers, she recommended me among 200 other dancers. She also ensured that I did well as a student.

Anuja Iyer: Mrs. Mallika, my college professor of Macro Economics. She inspired me to look at life’s travails in a lighter vein and made me realize the importance of being financially independent, come what may.

Jennifer Kotwal: My favourite teacher was my literature teacher, because apart from merely preaching exactly according to the text book, she spoke more on life and philosophy and gave us belief through her speeches.

Director Rajamouli: Mrs. Razia Sultana, class teacher in 4th class was my favourite. She encouraged me a lot to tell stories during extracurricular activities.

Priya Anand: Happy Teacher's Day to all the wonderful people who have been a guide in my life. My favourite teachers in school? Lakshmi Devi Ma'am, my music teacher Mr. Campbell, My trainer Ajit, my guide Pankhuri, my Odissi teacher Sanhita, my director Jayendra.

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