Dance Master Brinda who has worked in a few films with Sushant Singh Rajput took some time to share some unknown stories about MS Dhoni actor who died early today morning (June 14). Here is what Brinda had to say about Sushant: 
“I am so upset about hearing Sushant’s death news; I have done two films with him – MS Dhoni and Shuddh Desi Romance. So, I know him, he is such a sweetheart, very nice person. He shared about his life journey with me while working in MS Dhoni. He used to say that his mother passed away when he was young and felt bad that she couldn’t watch him excel in his career. I even told him, that he could consider me as his mother. He hugged me and laid on my shoulder when I told him. I feel so emotional thinking about that now. He was such a talented kid; he was flexible too. A biopic like Dhoni is not easy to act but he worked hard to play the part. He also keeps everybody happy in the sets, such a simple person. He had no head weight; you don’t think him like a hero.  
He was such a positive person but we never know the pressure he must have felt from the inside. A lot of people look positive from the outside but only they know what’s going inside the brain. Whatever it maybe, choosing to kill himself is very wrong. He should have faced life in a bold manner. It’s our responsibility to face all these issues. Suicide is never an option. Plus, Sushant was a very lucky person, all the films he acted were hits, very talented, he can do anything and everything, he is such a flexible person. He worked so hard while working in Dhoni, he trained 9 months for that film. Every day the shoot will happen from morning 6 AM to 9 PM. He always comes on time and he was hungry to deliver the goods. When everything fell in place for him professionally, taking a decision like this isn’t correct. I don’t think he decided to hang himself because he missed his mother so much. That feeling has been with him for so long but I don’t think that’s what pushed him to the edge. There should be some other reason which none of us knows. I feel if he had stayed with his family, things would have been different.  
He was such a great dancer, Sushant dances from his heart. He is a trained dancer who had a natural class in him. He always used to entertain everyone through his dance and acting, today he made everybody sad.”