'Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7' promo: Kamal Haasan hints at a big change, talks about wrongdoers facing consequences - WATCH IT HERE

'Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7' Promo: Kamal Haasan Hints At A Big Change, Talks About Wrongdoers Facing Consequences - WATCH IT HERE - Tamil Movie Cinema News
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The craze for Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 airing on the Vijay Television channel is at an all-time high as the events on the hit reality show over the past few days have been a big topic of discussion among fans on social media. With the coming weekend episode keenly awaited by Tamil audiences everywhere, a new promo for the show has been released on Saturday, November 11, featuring the host 'Ulaganayagan' Kamal Haasan. This latest Bigg Boss Tamil 7 promo gives a glimpse of Kamal Haasan addressing the drama that has unfolded inside the house in the past week, with the actor-politician assuring that the wrongdoers will be facing the consequences for their actions. 

In the latest Bigg Boss Tamil 7 promo, we see Kamal Haasan getting straight to the point saying that the solution that has come has been as a result of proper interrogation adding that it's not a judgment. He then goes on to state that the wrongdoers must face the consequences for their actions. Kamal Haasan then points out whether the ones who raised claims of wrongdoings are right in their actions and words adding that their behavior will be the answer to that question. 

Kamal Haasan's latest Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 promo will no doubt get fans excited considering there has been a lot of commotion inside the house, especially among contestants namely Maya S. Krishnan, Poornima, Jovika, Aishu, Nixen, Vichithra, and Archana. With Dinesh, Raveena, Vishnu, Akshaya, Bala, Manichandra, Bravo, Suresh, and Vickram also being widely discussed by fans on social media for gameplay in the Bigg Boss Tamil 7 house, it remains to be seen who will be sent out as part of the eviction/elimination process during this weekend's episode. 

Watch the new Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 promo below: