'Bigg Boss Tamil season 7' promo: Kamal Haasan fires strong questions at Maya and Poornima, hints at 'kurumpadam' - don't miss it

'Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7' Promo: Kamal Haasan Fires Strong Questions At Maya And Poornima, Hints At 'kurumpadam' - Don't Miss It - Tamil Movie Cinema News
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The excitement surrounding the upcoming weekend episode of Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 is on massive levels and the latest promo suggests there will be quite a lot that will be discussed. The hit Tamil reality TV show airing on the Vijay Television channel has been a hot topic among fans over the past few days, especially after the eviction of Pradeep Antony, with the actions and the words of contestants namely Maya S. Krishnan, Poornima, Jovika, Aishu, and Nixen widely being discussed, with Vichithra, Archana, and Dinesh also dominating social media trends. 

In the latest Bigg Boss Tamil 7 promo, we see Kamal Haasan fire away questions at Maya, Poornima, and Jovika, with Raveena and Manichandra also seen in the midst. We see him questioning them on their accusations, while also asking them whether they fulfilled their duties upon being given authority to lead the way. Throughout the course of the Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 promo, we see Kamal Haasan also point out a kurumpadam (short video) being played leading to loud cheers from the crowd. At one point, we also see Archana smiling from ear to ear at Kamal Haasan's questions to Maya and Poornima, with Vichithra keenly watching the outcome. The promo concludes with Kamal Haasan asking Maya and Poornima, and wondering whether they have thought of him as a player among them inside the Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 house. 

This new Bigg Boss Tamil 7 promo is quite action-packed and gives us a hint of the major drama that will be unfolding later tonight. Social media has been abuzz with predictions on the contestant(s) who will be sent out of the house and the wait is now on for the eviction/elimination process during the episode. Watch the new Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 below: