Bigg Boss Tamil sensation Pavni has confessed her love to dance choreographer Amir who was also one of the participants of the show. Pavni took part in the fifth season of Bigg Boss Tamil and Amir joined the show as a wildcard contestant. Amir proposed Pavni in the show and was doing everything that would make her smile and it was one of the widely talked about topics during the show. However, Pavni did not accept Amir's proposal, adding that she is currently not in the mindset to be in a relationship. The duo came together once again for the dance show, BB Jodigal: Season 2, and the grand finale episode was aired last night (Sept 4).

Amir and Pavni were declared as one of the title winners of the show and it turned out to be a delightful news for fans. What came as a big surprise was the social media post from Pavni that came right after the episode. Pavni took to her Instagram page to share a heartfelt note about Amir on how he transformed her into a dancer. Recalling the special moments that she shared with him, Pavni called Amir her life partner, asking him if they can begin their life together, with a blushing smile. She proposed him in the most romantic way and ended the post with a 'I LOVE YOU'. The post has already turned viral and has become a trending topic on social media.

Sharing her pictures with Amir from BB Jodigal 2, Pavni wrote, "And @amir__ads master no words, dancing was only a big challenge for me and that too stepping on a competition show, was even more scary thing, but you proved that you are the best master, who knew how to make a non dancer dance and make her win. I know this was the biggest task for you. And this was a wonderful journey, I would cherish every moment of this ever. got to know you more, learnt so many new things from you, your such a beautiful person inside out, mmm time just flew away like that. You have been a great master, great supporting dance partner, best friend. So now shall we begin our life journey together 🙈 and b my best life partner too waiting for that day Mr @amir__ads will you be mine forever and ever I LOVE YOU 🥰🥰".

Interestingly, Priyanka Deshpande, expressed her excitement about Pavni's proposal in the comments section. Well, it looks like Amir has indeed won the heart of his girl. Wish the duo a happy life together!


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