As we know, the contestants inside Bigg Boss 4 Tamil house have been busily performing the 'Call Centre' task. The housemates have been asked to talk and irritate the customer care person and we saw conversations between Archana - Balaji Murugadoss and Sanam Shetty - Samyuktha in last night's episode. Both the conversations created a big argument inside the house and last night's episode was quite interesting to watch. The fans expressed their happiness about watching a good episode on social media.

The momentum is expected to continue in today's (Nov 25) episode as well, because the housemates will continue to perform the same task. In the earlier released first promo, we saw a fun conversation between Som and Gaby and it was nice to see them share a sweet rapport. After a series of heated arguments and serious fights, this conversation was quite light-hearted. Following that, in the second promo, we saw a heated argument between Rio Raj and Sanam Shetty and the reason for their fight will be known only in tonight's episode.

Meanwhile, Vijay TV has now released the third promo of today's episode and this one has already garnered good attention. This promo focusses on the phone conversation between Ramya Pandian and Jithan Ramesh. We see Ramya Pandian questioning Ramesh on why he nominated her for the eviction process. He tells that she is a silent killer and cites that as a reason. Going further, she asks two reasons for nominating Nisha and Ramesh doesn't seem to find an answer for it. He is stuck for a few seconds and doesn't know what to answer.

At last, he says that Nisha is one-sided and believes only in one person, indirectly hinting at Rio. However, Nisha seems to disapprove it. Ramya Pandian has made a strategical plan to call the weakest person in the team and attack him. This plan from Ramya is impressive and the fans are already excited about it. Looks like tonight's episode is going to be fun and interesting. For now, check out the latest promo of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil featuring Ramya Pandian and Jithan Ramesh here: