The call centre task finally came to an end in last night's (December 2) episode and it was a big relief for both, the housemates and the viewers. After the task, the housemates were asked to rank themselves from 1 to 13 based on their performance in the task. All the contestants sat down together at the Garden area and discussed and assessed the performances of each housemate based on different criteria. During the interaction, we saw a small rift between Sanam Shetty and Jithan Ramesh.

The discussion will continue in tonight's episode as well. Vijay TV has now released the second promo for tonight's episode. In this promo, we see three housemates fighting for the No.1 rank. Archana, Aari and Sanam Shetty have their own reasons to justify that they deserve the first position. Archana says that she managed to hold and talk for the entire duration until the buzzer sound and claims that she also had solid contents to talk about. On the other hand, Sanam claims that no one had the guts to talk to her and hence she deserves the first place.

However, the other housemates make fun of Sanam's argument and do not take it seriously. We also see Aranthangi Nisha ranked at No.13, while Shviani Narayanan and Gabriella hold the 12th and 11th positions respectively. Anitha is ranked at 2nd position and Balaji Murugadoss is ranked at 3rd position. Going by the promo, this is the ranking order, but let us have to wait until the night to see the exact ranking order. Is Sanam Shetty going to stand at No.1 or will it be Aari?. Check out the newly released promo of Bigg Boss 4 here: