India and China were locked in a tense standoff on the Indo-China border along the Pangong Lake area, despite the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus raging across the world. The situation intensified with both the nations amassing armaments and troops on their side of the border. However, things came to a head on June 15th night, when the armed forces of both nations were involved in a violent hand-to-hand skirmish, which resulted in the death of 20 soldiers on the Indian side, with the casualty count on the Chinese side not being revealed. This lead to a severe escalation in the tensions and a bitter standoff ensued.

The situation remained very tense despite talks happening between India and China on various levels, including political, diplomatic and Corps-Commander levels. The Foreign Ministers of both nations also met in Moscow and arrived at a multi-point disengagement plan but that remained only on paper and nothing happened on the ground. However, now a report by an US panel has now stated that the Chinese government had planned the Galwan Valley clash with Indian casualties in mind. This information has come out in a report by a top United States security panel!

A report in media states that the United States-China Economic & Security Review Commission has revealed that some evidence suggests that the Chinese government had planned this incident, potentially including the possibility for fatalities. The report also noted that if China's aim was to achieve territory, this move might have been considered a success but if the move was to dissuade India from building any infrastructure on its side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) or warn it against allying with the USA, then it was not effective. One main point taken into consideration was that several weeks prior to the clash, the Chinese Defense Minister - Wei, had made statements encouraging Chinese troops to use fighting for promoting stability. There is also said to have been another report in a Chinese daily 2 weeks prior to the clash, warning India of suffering a "devastating blow" if it got involved in the US-China rivalry. The report also added that satellite images of the region showed heavy amassing of Chinese troops on their side of the LAC, with as many as 1000 soldiers being assembled there.