It has been 10 days since Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 came to a grand conclusion with a glitzy finale, which saw actor Aari Arjunan being crowned as the title winner. Hosted by actor-politician 'Ulaganayagan' Kamal Haasan, Bigg Boss 4, which began in October last year, also saw several names taking the spotlight and one among them was model Balaji Murugadoss, who has since his entry on the show become a sensation in Tamil Nadu with the youth. Balaji became one of the most talked about contestants on the show, with fans taking a liking to his straightforward attitude and many still continuing to speak about him on social media. 

Adjudged as the first runner up on Bigg Boss Tamil season 4, Balaji Murugadoss, who has since been catching up on what he had missed during his stint on the show, had gotten entangled in a controversy when he suggested that there was casting couch in the beauty pageants that his fellow contestant Sanam Shetty had participated and won. Bala had also stated then that the companies organizing such events were fake. In that light, Joe Michael, the man behind the company that conducted one such beauty pageant event, has now sent a legal notice to Balaji, with a heated argument between the two now out in the form of a leaked phone call. 

In the leaked phone call, Balaji is seen telling Joe that he had not mentioned his company's name when he made the comments on Bigg Boss 4 and was only speaking from a general perspective. We hear Joe questioning who were the persons who told Balaji that his company was not a legitimate organization, which the Bigg Boss star declined to reveal. Furthermore, Bala is seen telling Joe that he is ready to speak further about the issue in the Court and will tackle the issue legally rather than over a phone call. Bala also tells Joe that he is not worth spending his time and giving him any attention is not going to do him any good. 

Next in the call, Joe questions back why Bala took part in his company's event if he felt as such the whole time, who informs him that there were people who had begged him to come and participate as a contestant. Joe is heard asking the names of the people who had persuaded him to contest in his event, with the conversation coming to an end. This latest phone call is a clear indication that things have gone sour between the two and it now remains to be seen what happens next considering both Balaji Murugadoss and Joe Michael have stated that they will face it legally. 

Listen to the leaked phone call between Balaji Murugadoss and Joe Michael below: