For many centuries, India has been looked upon by world nations as a centre of learning, advancement and growth! Historically, India has given quite a lot to the world in terms of knowledge, in the fields of science and technology. Even during the COVID pandemic, India helped a lot of people from across different nations, return to their respective nations when the entire world went into lockdown mode. Apart from this, India also helped a lot of countries by sending them medical supplies to handle COVID Pandemic. Now, after two indigenous vaccines were developed by Indian pharmaceutical companies, to inoculate against the COVID-19 Virus, India has offered to help countries by sharing these vaccines with them.

Now, in a wonderful development in the field of defense, India's next generation Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) system has achieved stupendous success. In the ongoing SAM programme, India successfully finished the first test of the Akash-Next Generation (Akash-NG) missile, from a location off the Odisha coast, earlier today! Reports state that the missile was test fired at the Launching Complex-III of the Integrated Test Range, at about 2:30 pm, against an electronic target. Test reports state that all the objectives of the Test launch, had been met. The Akash-NG missile system is said to have performed as per expectations. The missile is said to have intercepted the stimulated electronic target, as per specifications.

This successful test firing of the Akash-NG SAM missile system, will definitely bolster India's air defence! This success assumes more significance, as just recently the Union Cabinet, which was chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, approved the export of the Akash Missiles to friendly nations. Developed by the DRDO, this Akash-NG missile flies at supersonic speeds and is capable of taking down both subsonic and supersonic targets. This improved variant of the Akash missile has a target radius of 70 kms. This first from India, is said to be the cheapest SAM system ever in the world, having supersonic powered intercept capabilities.