The Mozart of Madras is a legend in the field of music and he has hundreds of thousands of followers across the world. This Oscar Award winner has now shared a shocking news. During an interaction with a radio show, Rahman opened up on why he has not been doing as many Bollywood films in the recent years. AR Rahman said, “I don’t say no to good movies, but I think there is a gang, which, due to misunderstandings, is spreading some false rumours. When Mukesh Chhabra came to me, I gave him four songs in two days. He told me, ‘Sir, how many people said don’t go, don’t go to him (AR Rahman) and they told me stories after stories.’ I heard that, and I realised, yeah okay, now I understand why I am doing less (work in Hindi films) and why the good movies are not coming to me. People are expecting me to do stuff, but there is another gang of people preventing that from happening. It is fine, because I believe in destiny, and I believe that everything comes from God. So, I am taking my movies and doing my other stuff. But all of you are welcome to come to me. Make beautiful movies, and you are welcome to come to me (.sic)”

AR Rahman’s sister spoke to the media about this issue - “Ram Gopal Varma introduced AR Rahman to Bollywood with Rangeela which went on to become a huge hit. Then when Subaash Ghai came to Chennai to approach Rahman for his film Taal, he told us that many people criticized him for inviting a south Indian to compose music for his film. Subaash back then boldly faced them and asked them to pin point one composer who is better than Rahman in Bollywod at that point of time. That courage that Subaash Ghai had back then, I don’t know if the current generation of directors carry that attitude now. But like Rahman said, Mukesh Chabbra has flown down to Chennai to work with him despite facing a lot of negative criticisms. Even now, a lot of people are speculating false news against AR Rahman stating that he would only work in Los Angeles, he would only work in Hollywood films, he won’t complete the album in time. So, a section of people has been constantly pulling down his legs. Rahman got to know this issue only through Mukesh Chabbra. Even in Tamil, I have heard rumours about Rahman not willing to work in Tamil films.

Someone extremely gifted like Rahman shouldn’t face an issue like this, he doesn’t do 50 or 100 films a year, he picks and does 4 or 5 films a year. So, everyone in the music industry has scope to show their skills. It is sad to see a few good films have missed to have Rahman’s music. I feel a few people have got together, developed good friendship and wants to promote only their friends and not encourage other talents. I feel there is that negative space prevailing in Bollywood right now. Maybe, that is why they gang up and not let good talents enter the industry and stop them from becoming big. That’s what I feel.”