Much loved music director AR Rahman recently stirred a controversy by saying that there is a 'gang' working against him in getting opportunities in Bollywood. AR Rahman’s sister had also mentioned in her statement that the ace music director was deprived of many assignments since the start of his career because he was from the south of India. AR Rahman’s statement hasn’t gone well with a section of people who have reacted against the composer. He has now been criticized for being a religious fanatic. A lot has been talked about AR Rahman religious stand ever since he converted from Hindu to Islam. The Oscar Winner even received a lot of flak for the same. It was in the year 1989 that Dileep Kumar and his family converted into Islam. So, is AR Rahman a religious fanatic? Singer Chinmayi has an answer to people who think that way: 

“Everyone frothing at their mouths that Rahman sir has ‘matha veri’ can kindly remain silent. I conducted a Kanakabhishekam for my mother in the Sthana of Guru - something so many in super religious Hindu space didnt agree on. How can (GASP) unmarried girl (GASP) do a kanakabhishekam for (GAAAASP) a divorceeeeeeeeeee????! I invited very few people for this very radical pooja by normal standards. I invited Rahman sir and his family. Saira ji came. Rahman sir came a bit late but every hour, Samidorai anna gave me a call and said Annan nichayama varuvaru. And he came. I paid respects to him and Saira ji as well, in the sthana of my Guru and Guru Patni. I know very few, truly spiritual men like AR sir. BTW Rahman sir said Namaskaram to my mom also. (He being Muslim and my mother being Hindu gaaaasp he came to a Hindu religious function where a woman was getting a Kanakabhishekam done by her daughter!) I only invited some 50 people to this event. Le end. Many Hindus deify Swami Vivekananda, whose Guru Ramakrishna Paramahamsa practiced all faiths to see it leads to the same destination. I wonder if even Guru Ramakrishna Paramahamsa would be spared in India today.”