World over, the modus operandi of doing things has changed drastically ever since the pandemic hit all nations. With social distancing, sanitisation and face masks now the new norm, there are some who go the extra mile to ensure they do not get affected in any way whatsoever and protect themselves from the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

Among the many who have come up with unique ways to stand out from the rest of the crowd in terms of protecting themselves from COVID-19, a video of a Melbourne-based man in Australia, walking around in a giant plastic bubble, has gone viral on social media. The man seen in the transparent plastic bubble whilst not wearing any shoes or a face mask is being heard as saying, "'I'm the man in the bubble".

The man is said to be coming from the Belgrave area, which is 47 kilometres East of Melbourne, with the incident captured on video on the High Street. A Facebook Page named 'Australia All Over' had shared a picture of the man inside the bubble from the video and captioned it as, "This man was spotted in Melbourne this morning getting around in his own 'travel bubble'". Check out the picture below:

The video of the incident was shared by a passerby named Janine Rigby on her Facebook page, which has since received a phenomenal response, with many lauding the man for bringing cheer at such torrid times. Ms Rigby wrote saying the man in the clip was singing with the caption, "The man is singing, I'm the man in the bubble! Thank you to this man for making us smile,". Since being uploaded, the video has gone viral on social media and has been viewed by over 1.6 lakh times with nearly 2,000 comments. Watch it below: