Governments around the world are fighting the coronavirus pandemic with every resource at their disposal for more than a year and a half now, with India currently battling the second wave, which for a while led to more cause for concern than ever before. However, there has been a silver lining over the past few days as the number of infections around the country have witnessed a decline, with more than 1 lakh cases plunging from the caseload going over 4 lakh at the end of April to nearly 3 lakh cases today. Over the last 24 hours alone, 2,63,533 new COVID-19 cases have been reported across the nation, making it the lowest in 28 days, as per the data released by the Union Health Ministry. As a result, India's coronavirus tally has crossed the 25-million mark and is now the second nation after the US to reach those dreary numbers. 

As the government continues to tackle the pandemic by enforcing strict lockdowns across various states in the country, health officials have been urging the people to follow all protocols as advised by them to curb the spread of the infection, while also informing everyone to get vaccinated as early as possible. In that light, many celebrities have also been requesting everyone to get vaccinated as a means to protect themselves from COVID-19, with the latest top names being superstar Tamil South Indian actress Nayanthara and blockbuster Tamil director Vignesh Shivan. 

On Tuesday, Vignesh Shivan posted pictures of himself and Nayanthara getting vaccinated at a hospital in Chennai and also appealed to fans on social media to do the same. He also requested them to remain indoors and stay safe, while telling them that this ordeal too shall pass. Below are pictures of Vignesh Shivan and Nayanthara getting their COVID-19 vaccinations: 


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