Cook with Comali is one of the most-watched and highly enjoyed shows in recent times and those who have been quite active on social media would know about it. The ongoing edition is the second season and five people are still in the competition - Ashwin Kumar, Baba Baskar Master, Kani Thiru, Pavithra Lakshmi, and Shakeela. Among the five, Ashwin did not cook in this week’s episode since he won the Immunity band last week. The rest of the four contestants took part in this week’s competitive rounds. In last night’s (January 30 - Saturday) episode, we saw Kani winning the advantage task. Everyone was eager to know the final results of this week as it is an elimination week.

Every alternate week in Cook with Comali is an elimination week and since last week was immunity week, everyone was eager to witness the elimination week. Today’s (January 31) episode will reveal the final results of the eviction process and the audience are eagerly waiting for it. However, even before the television premiere, the results are already out on social media and an interesting decision has been made. Tonight’s episode of Cook with Comali is already out on Disney + Hotstar app and those with VIP and Premium subscriptions can watch the episode already and having said that, the results have already been out.

Interestingly, no one has been eliminated from the show this week and it is happening for the first-ever time in Cook with Comali show’s history. Right from the first season, eliminations have taken place in regular intervals and the judges have been quite strict on that aspect. However, for the first-ever time, in an elimination week, there has been no elimination and it has come as delightful news for the fans. Are the makers planning to extend the show this time because of its wider and massive reach among the audience? Or was it a genuine call to not eliminate anyone, this time? Well, we may get clarity about it in the next few days.

With that being said, the five contestants are still in the competition and the coming weeks are going to be quite exciting and interesting to watch. As of now, Madurai Muthu, Dheepa, and Dharsha Gupta have been eliminated and two more eliminations will take place before the finale. The five evicted contestants would take part in a wildcard round and the winner of the wildcard would join the show as the last finalist. Interesting days, ahead. Tonight’s episode of Cook with Comali will be aired on Vijay TV at 6.30 PM.