Suresh Chakravarthi was one of the most loved contestants of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil who got evicted two weeks back in an unfortunate manner. His eviction created a huge noise on social media and the people were shocked to know the results as many were expecting Archana or Som Shekar to be evicted. Suresh came out of the house on a happy note and made it clear that he had a great time being inside the house. Citing this as a newer experience, Suresh thanked all his supporters and well wishers for constantly voting for him. Inside the Bigg Boss house, we saw Suresh Chakravarthy talking about his son, wife, and sister on several occasions, and people who’ve been regularly watching the show would know it.

He even explained in one of the tasks that he feels like talking to his son when he speaks with Balaji Murugadoss. It can be noted that Suresh and Balaji had a sweet rapport inside the house. Having said that, Suresh Chakravarthy has now posed a new picture that has gone viral on social media. Suresh shared a throwback picture with his son which was taken a few years before. After a few hours, Suresh shared the wedding picture of Suja Varunee and Shiva Kumar and congratulated them on their second year wedding anniversary.

The couple’s wedding took place on November 19 in 2018 and they celebrated the second year anniversary yesterday. Notably, Suresh addressed Suja Varunee as his daughter and Shiva as his son-in-law and the picture that he shared is now going viral on social media. The fans are also requesting Suresh to re-enter the Bigg Boss house as a wildcard contestant and we will have to wait and see if the channel will make it happen. Suresh Chakravarthy has now shifted his focus towards his show - Chak’s Kitchen on his official YouTube channel.

Suresh is regularly sharing various recipes and his regular followers are also trying those out. For now, check out Suresh’s latest trending Instagram posts below:


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