As of now, it looks like the world has been plunged into a very eerie video game, where we have no control over what happens, or rather that some individual person is toying around with us. The entirety of 2020 has been overshadowed by the gloom brought on by the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic, which has claimed lives in thousands across the world and affected almost everybody's lives in the process. Hundreds of thousands of livelihoods have been lost and the world is literally limping and nowhere even close to getting back to being completely normal. Though the nation-wide lockdowns imposed by the countries saved the people and controlled the deadly virus from spreading, it also worked detrimentally to the economies.

Now, the lockdown restrictions have been rolled back and people are almost back to their previous normal lives but with the safety precautions still in place. This is being called the "new normal". These lockdown restrictions were lifted not because the Virus has been eradicated but more so, because the economies needed resurrection. However, a number of European nations like Italy, Spain and France have already re-imposed the nation-wide lockdowns once again, as there were major surges in the number of new COVID cases being detected. These surges have been attributed to the second wave of the Corona Virus. Now, the World Health Organisation (WHO), has issued a new warning in this regard!

There has been a sudden surge of new Corona Virus cases in the Middle East and with the winter season approaching in tha region, the Regional Director of the WHO has given out an ominous warning that the only way to prevent mass deaths due to the second wave of the Corona Virus, is by quickly tightening restrictions and enforcing preventive measures. In a recent Press briefing, the Director mentioned that people had developed a lackadaisical attitude and had been ignoring even the basic preventive measures like face masks and social distancing in public. COVID had already claimed over 76,000 lives and infected over 3.6 million people in the Middle Eastern region, over the past 9 months. Iran, Jordan and Morocco have reported the maximum number of new cases in the past couple of weeks and are considered to be the most vulnerable of nations. Let's sincerely hope that the governments of the Middle East nations work proactively to ensure any further devastation!