The housemates in Bigg Boss 4 Tamil have been busily performing the Call Center task and in last night's episode, we saw Archana talking to Balaji and Sanam Shetty talking to Samyuktha through calls. Both the conversations created a huge noise and problem inside the house between the contestants and the audience felt that it was one of the best episodes of this season. Today (November 25) will be a follow-up of the same task. The earlier released first promo featured the phone call conversation between Som Shekar and Gabriella and it was a light hearted promo. It was good to see the friendly banter between Som and Gaby and post the phone call, Gaby informed the housemates that it is okay if she gets nominated.

Following that, Vijay TV has now released the second promo of tonight's episode and this one is quite serious. In this promo, we see a big argument between Rio and Sanam Shetty. The reason for the argument is yet to be known and we might get better clarity about it in tonight's episode. Seeing the promo, it looks like Rio is pissed and angry with Sanam and his facial expressions show that. Rio is the Captain of the house for this week and he himself losing his cool might be a topic of concern among the other housemates.

As Rio and Sanam are arguing, we see Balaji and Shivani happily enjoying the quarrel from the dining table. Both of them have been spending a lot of time together and this promo shows us a glimpse of that.

Meanwhile, seven contestants have been nominated for this weekend's Bigg Boss eviction process and it includes Aari, Balaji Murugadoss, Sanam Shetty, Aranthangi Nisha, Samyuktha, Jithan Ramesh and Som Shekar. As per the online buzz, it looks like one among Samyuktha, Nisha and Sanam Shetty might walk away from the show. For now, check out the newly released promo featuring Rio Raj and Sanam Shetty here: