Archana, Som Shekar, and Samyuktha emerged as the winners of the 45-hour marathon task as they calculated a total of 9 hours with a difference of just 18 minutes. They were awarded 1000 points for this week's luxury budget. Ramya - Balaji - Suchi's team ended up as the last with a difference of 3 hours and 4 minutes. As a result, in the earlier released today's first promo, we saw the housemates selecting Suchi and Balaji as the contestants to go inside the jail since they performed the least and did not understand the task clearly.

Having said that, Vijay TV has now released the second promo and this one shows us a glimpse of what Suchi and Balaji are doing inside the jail. They discuss groupism, a word that became famous since the beginning of this season. It all started when Suresh Chakravarthy initially claimed that there is groupism inside the house and the word has found a strong place inside the house. Balaji, while talking to Suchi, says that there is a single group that acts totally against him and accuses this week's Captain Aajeedh for the same.

However, he defends his close friend Shivani and says that she would be straight forward and open with her opinions and will not be influenced by any group. On the other hand, Suchi says there are two groups inside the house and claims that Balaji himself has been a part of that. She pinpoints that Balaji has also taken certain decisions based on others' influence. Towards the end, we see Balaji getting pissed at Suchi and feels bad that he is stuck inside the jail with her.

The promo has already garnered good attention among the fans and people are of the opinion that this week's uninteresting contestants have been picked rightly. It looks like tonight's episode of Bigg Boss is going to be quite interesting as we can see a lot of serious conversations taking place. Check out the newly released second promo of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil featuring Suchi and Balaji Murugadoss here: