As we all know, the finalists of Bigg Boss Tamil: Season 4 are spending their last and final week inside the house and we would be witnessing the grand finale of the show on the 17th of this month. The evicted contestants are currently inside the Bigg Boss house to share some time with the finalists and it looked heartwarming to see everyone back together again. In last night's episode, we saw Samyuktha, Suchitra, Aajeedh, Sanam Shetty, and Vel Murugan coming into the house. In today's episode, we will be seeing Anitha Sampath coming into the house and we saw a glimpse of her entry in the earlier released promo.

Vijay TV has now released the second promo and in this one, we see the housemates performing one of their older tasks again. All of us would have seen the 'Naada Kaada' task in which the housemates were asked to divide themselves into two teams. One team would represent the Royal King family while the other would represent the demons. The demons will have to make each member from the King's family to laugh or smile through their actions, tactics, and strategies. This was the task that was given to the housemates in the initial weeks of the game and it created a sensational buzz on social media. It was in this task when Sanam Shetty got furious over Suresh Chakravarthy and a heated argument happened following that.

The same task will now start afresh with the 16 housemates who are inside. We see a glimpse of the task. The promo has got a mixed reception from the fans as many of them feel it is not interesting to bring back the same task once again. In the promo, we also see Balaji making fun of Aajeedh, telling him that his portions will come only in the UNSEEN. Talking about the grand finale of this season, 6 contestants are fighting out for the title and it includes Aari, Balaji Murugadoss, Som Shekar, Ramya Pandian, Rio Raj, and Gabriella.

Among the six, one of them might walk out of the house in a day or two with the special prize money offered by Bigg Boss. As per the online buzz, it looks like Aari or Ramya Pandian have good chances of winning the title. The finale episode will be aired on January 17 and we can expect that episode to have a record viewership. For now, check out the new promo here: