A 19 year old girl was allegedly raped by four men in the district of Hathras in Uttar Pradesh and the incident has sent shockwaves across the country. Eventually, the victim died and she was cremated within hours by the Police force. This tragic and disturbing incident created a huge outrage on social media and people across the nation demanded justice. Reacting to this horrific incident, actress Madhoo of Roja fame took to her Instagram page to voice her opinion. She sounded very angry with what is happening around and demanded for the laws to be rewritten.

Talking in a video, Madhoo said, “Can we justify a rape? Can we say that this rape happens for good? Did rape stop after the Nirbhaya case? How does this go on and on? These are human beings who do it. We are the same species and how can we do that? Can we say that there's something good going to come out of it? Can we sympathize or empathize? Even an alcoholic, when he goes to a rehab centre admits that he is an alcoholic and only then, the treatment begins. If a sick minded rapist senses his urge, he should admit himself in front of the law that he is a rapist and should ask the lawmakers to lock him in.

I urge the lawmakers and Government to make take strict action against these people. Hang the rapists in the middle of the road and show it on the televisions, so that the people will know about the seriousness of the issue. Everytime a mind thinks about raping someone, those images should reverberate. Every man should fear when such thoughts occur in his mind. Ask any girl or a woman about her feelings when someone stares at her. Even a slightest look or touch would make her uncomfortable. When that is the case, can you even imagine the plight of a girl when she is raped and killed? We need not empower girls so that we can stand against men in the society.

Don’t separate men and women. I’d ask you to empower mankind and humanity at first. Teach us and them on how to live together. Empower both men and women. Dear men, how can you live without a woman? Can your right hand cut your left hand and can you still be happy? You would be incomplete. We can’t go on without each other. So please. Stop it. In whichever way or whatever helps, the Government and lawmakers should step in here and make the change to protect our girls and women of the country. We are endangered species just like the tigers and crocodiles, but boys and men, you are just a part of us. Protect your other half of life,”. Check out Madhoo’s video below:


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