Kochi: The first confirmed case of Coronavirus was flagged in Kerala on Friday, days after the state government began flagging suspected cases at its international airports. The affected youth was a student at Wuhan University and had returned ill. She was quarantined at Thrissur and her condition was reported to be stable on Friday afternoon. Kerala health minister KK Shailaja spoke to the press briefly and stated that the patient was now kept in isolation at General Hospital in Thrissur. The minister has called for an emergency meeting at 3 pm on Friday and Special Secretary in the Union Health ministry, Sanjeeva Kumar, will brief the media at 5 pm on Friday. The state even has an emergency contact number now: 04712304160.

India will airlift around 200 stuck nationals on Friday and at least four cases flagged in Bengaluru are said to be serious. ANI reported that a 23-year-old man from Tripura, identified as Manir Hossain, died in a Malaysian hospital after being infected. An Indian teacher in China and an Indian nurse in UAE were also reportedly under treatment.

The claims that the screening for Coronavirus was slow seems to be true, what with the extend of global spread that virus is currently showing. The outbreak seems to have reached a good majority of countries and even across continents, and the state of Kerala alone had flagged nearly 630 people in the past week. The World Health Organisation (WHO), which during a meeting earlier this week refrained from calling the outbreak a global emergency, is to hold an emergency meeting on Friday and might declare the infection a public health emergency.


The Indian government had anticipated cropping up of Coronavirus cases and the Delhi AIIMS had already set up a quarantine ward four days ago. Extremely contagious pathogens like Corona can only be tested under certain conditions and currently, only the National Institute of Virology (NIV) in Pune is equipped to do so. The National Institute of Virology at Alappuzha is expected to be upgraded soon to test Coronavirus. There are also plans to set up such labs in Bengaluru, Cochin, and Hyderabad.