The COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus has been declared a Pandemic and is claiming lives across the world in the thousands! This virus spreads through physical contact or from contact on contaminated surfaces. The lifespan of the Corona Virus on different surfaces has been widely publicised and the governments have also ordered people to go into self-isolation with a nation-wide lockdown being announced by the Indian Government, for 21 days! A recent study on the Virus has revealed some shocking details! We have now come to know that a COVID-19 positive patient has the possibility of infecting about 406 other people, over a period of 30 days! 

COVID patient can infect only 2.5 people during lockdown

However, this possibility of the COVID positive patient infecting others comes down to just 2.5 people, if they have been under self-quarantine and isolated, with the lockdown in effect! These details were given out by Lav Agarwal, the Joint Secretary of the Indian Health Ministry. The Indian Prime Minister has asked the people to prepare for a long fight against the COVID-19 Virus and has asked the ministers to plan for a slow exit from the lockdown. However, most of the States have requested the Government to extend the lockdown period to ensure complete prevention of the spread of this Virus with the numbers increasing exponentially every single day!

Galatta Media requests everybody to follow the mandated guidelines and stay indoors to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus! Stay indoors! Stay Safe!