A newly married catholic couple in Maharashtra decided to forgo their wedding reception and instead donate the money supposed to be spent for the grand occasion to buy 50 beds for a coronavirus quarantine centre. Along with the 50 beds, the couple, Eric Lobo, 28, and his bride, Merlin Tuscano, 27, made arrangements for oxygen cylinders also to be bought after they got married in St. Gonsalo Garcia church, last Friday. 

The ceremony was followed by a Mass, which was attended by only 22 people, after which the groom and the bride visited the COVID-19 care centre in Satpala in their wedding attire. The celebrations for the wedding came to an end with the young couple participating in a lunch in the presence of a few close family members at the bride's home. The coronavirus quarantine care centre in Saptala is located in the Palghar district where around 90 people have so far succumbed to the disease. 

It has been revealed that both Eric and Merlin had contacted the Saptala COVID-19 care centre back in March itself inquiring if they would require any help. The two had then reached out to a few local companies to purchase certified equipment that met health regulations. The couple revealed that they feel happy making such a donation in such desperate times after knowing each other for eight years. The couple in a statement said, "Since the beginning of lockdown, we have been working on projects like arranging for trains for migrant workers and community kitchens. We talked to the Revenue Inspector and Sub Division officer of the district about the requirements of the COVID-19 centres and decided to pare down on the money we will spend on the wedding and instead contribute to the covid care centre."

Along with the 50 beds and oxygen cylinders, Eric and Merlin have donated mattresses, pillows, sheets and blankets also assuring to make further provisions in case the COVID-19 care centre comes in need of any. The couple have been engaged in such efforts for a while now and stepped forward to help authorities during the lockdown with the list of migrant labourers from Vasai-Virar region and paved way for them to travel back home to their families on the Shramik special trains.