A journalist interviewed a pair of donkeys and it's now gone viral on the internet. The funny clip has left the internet in splits with the journalist aiming to create an awareness on the importance of wearing masks and why it is necessary especially during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic crisis. Netizens are in praise for the journalist for his out-of-the-box thinking and light-hearted approach to spreading the importance of wearing masks in order to protect oneself from the disease, which has infected nearly 12 million people around the country. 

The video, which has been shared on social networking forums, went viral instantly and has the journalist questioning a pair of donkeys on the side of the road as to why they are not wearing any masks while they are out in a public place. He then proceeds to question a passerby to identify the animal that was not wearing a mask, making him slowly realize that one who doesn't wear a face mask is no less than a donkey. 

In the video, the journalist also asks an elderly man why he tried covering his face with a scarf on seeing the camera. He asks him whether he did so because the camera had focused on him or was it due to the coronavirus, to which the old man replies saying, "coronavirus". 

The interview has received an astounding response online with users commenting and praising the journalist's unconventional yet sharp thinking in getting the message across on the importance of wearing a face mask, especially during the pandemic. One social media user commented saying, "This Bihari rocks", while another wrote, "innovative way to spread awareness".

The Ministry of Health and Welfare along with state governments and Union Territories have been appealing to the citizens to wear a face mask when they step out of their houses in order to safeguard themselves from the COVID-19 infection, which as on Wednesday took the number of cases across the country to 11,82,915, among which includes 4,11,133 active cases, 7,53,050 recoveries and 28,732 deaths. The Health Ministry's data also revealed that 37,724 new cases of the novel coronavirus and 648 deaths were recorded in the last 24 hours. 

Watch the journalist interviewing the donkey in the video shared on Twitter below: