Rani Somanathan is no more

Septuagenarian Rani Somanathan, who acted in numerous TV serials, plays and films, passed away yesterday after suffering a brief illness. She was married to Somanathan, a makeup artist in films.

Starting her acting career as a stage actress, Rani worked in the troupes of several great artists like S.S.R., Kannadasan and K.R. Ramasamy. She was extremely popular in the film circuit for her sense of humour. Though she was well into her 70s, sometimes even teenagers found it hard to keep up with her high energy levels! She has also acted in many films like Yemtan Magan and Jayam Kondaan. She was honoured with ‘lifetime achievement award (small screen awards)' by the Tamil Nadu Government this year.

K.R. Selvaraj, treasurer of Nadigar Sangam, paid her homage on behalf of the Nadigar Sangam.

Rani Somanathan was an epitome of confidence. She was not dependent on anyone financially; she earned her livelihood from her small and big screen assignments and lived on her own. With her abundant enthusiasm and sense of humour, she was able to instil exuberance in anyone who was in her company. A personality like Rani Somanathan would force anyone to agree with the saying – Life begins at forty. With people like Rani around, life could start at 70 as well.

Galatta pays its homage to this wonderful artist.