A highly anticipated day, yesterday was a significant day for Kamal Haasan and his countless fans across the globe as the acclaimed actor unveiled the name of his political party as well as the party flag.

Although Kamal Haasan had announced he would be foraying into the political arena a while back, the actor revealed the name of his political party to be Makkal Needhi Maiam only yesterday evening in the presence of thousands of people, who had gathered to witness the landmark event.

Kamal had traveled the entire day from former President Abdul Kalam’s home to various landmarks before arriving at the Othakadai Grounds in Madurai yesterday evening to speak in front of the countless people on the occasion of the unveil of the actor’s political party launch.

It must be noted Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal too had graced the occasion and so did several stars from the popular reality TV show namely lyricist Snehan and actor Bharani.

Kamal Haasan’s elder daughter Shruti Haasan took to her Twitter page to post her wishes for her father’s new journey.

Even his younger daughter, Akshara Haasan went on Twitter to send across her best wishes for her father’s new daring step forward.

As for Kamal Haasan’s speech, the actor started off by thanking office holders in his party for their unflinching service and determination for the welfare of the people for over three decades through his welfare clubs.

Kamal then went on to lay emphasis on how Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal was instrumental in inspiring him to take a leap into politics. He then went on to assert he wasn’t a leader but a cadre member, who is now coming out to serve the people. As for his strategies, he emphasized on the need for quality education, eradicating caste, bringing an end to corruption, new jobs for youngsters, adoption of more villages and also getting a proper solution for the Cauvery water dispute. The actor stated he believes any problem can be resolved in a dialogue format and that people should come forward for it. He also reiterated he isn’t one who will give people money for votes and advised everybody from not involving in such acts.

Kamal also revealed the meaning behind the Makkal Needhi Maiam party flag explaining the six hands conjoined together represent the six south Indian states while the star indicates the people. He went on to assert his party is not one that will take any particular side - the right or the left - but will always work for the betterment of the people.

We will now have to see how Kamal Haasan makes his upcoming political moves in the coming days.