<p> Director Venkatesh, well known for his films like <em>Malai Malai</em> and <em>Chocolate </em>has also appeared in a couple of movies, in supporting roles. His next directorial venture is <em>Romba Nallavan Da Nee</em> starring Mirchi Senthil and Srithi Bala.</p> <p> Known for his action packed films, the director has set this film as a full length comedy, with actors like Robot Shankar doing a pivotal role. <em>Ethan </em>fame Sarvajeeth plays the villain and the movie is produced by Rendesvous Movie Makers.</p> <p> V.N. Manohar makes his debut as a camera man, music is by Ram Surendar and Kanal Kannan has choreographed the stunt sequences and editing is done by Vijay. The movie is about the friendship between 2 strangers for 7 days, says the director.</p>