Dhanush's next big film is Shamitabh, releasing tomorrow. This is his second Hindi film and his performance is being much appreciated by director Balki who claims Dhanush is an international actor. Joining hands with Big B and Akshara, who is making her acting debut, expectations can never be less.

Posters, teasers and trailers have been well received by the fans. Making of Shamitabh pictures are doing their rounds in social networking sites. Post trailer release, there were talks about the scenes where Dhanush and Akshara have gone beyond boldness.

Now, there are talks about Dhanush playing a bus conductor in the movie and is said to honour his father-in- law, superstar Rajinikanth who worked as a bus conductor before making it to movies.

But, Dhanush and the director have refused this and said Rajinikanth has nothing to do with Shamitabh. It is just one of the odd jobs Dhanush's character does in this movie. Well, we will come to know all the answers tomorrow.