Khushbu has always been a proud mother and there is a solid moment now for her to extend that happiness. Her younger daughter Anandita Sundar has made her proud with her quirky and honest answers in a recent chat.

The girl seems to be very solid and candid with her replies and some excerpts for you here:

- I have 10,000 followers and when I post a selfie I am normal because this is a small fraction compared to the population
- She is now a choreographer and make up artist
- Her parents keep her grounded by their simplicity and they come back as normal parents to home inspite of the stardom they have

On top of all, she has mentioned that she is trying to convince her dad to let her intern and if he agrees, she will work with him as direction is her passion. If things go well, Anandita might work with Sundar C in Sangamithra. Rock on Anandita!