Victory Madhusudhan's granddaughter in films

Madhusudana Rao worked as assistant director for Thodi Kodallu (1957) and later came to be called 'Victory' Madhusudana Rao with his directorial successes like Aaradhana, Aatma Balam, Anthasthulu, Adrushtavanthulu and Veerabhimanya.

Now his granddaughter Neelima is debuting in Adhineta, a Jagapathi starrer which has just started filming. Neelima is�now busy acting in�two Tamil films; she is also acting opposite Dhanush (Tamil actor)�in one of his upcoming films.

Jagapathi�debuted in Simha Swapnam (1989), directed by Madhusudhana Rao; now the director's granddaughter is making her debut in Telugu�opposite Jagapathi Babu. Coincidence or a younger colleague's respectful gesture to a venerated director? wishes Neelima a very bright future in Tollywood.