Ever since the pandemic was announced in the third week of March, the cinema theatres have been closed and it is still one of the very few industries to have not opened business yet. Considering the risk of the virus spreading among the people, the Government has not yet given permission for the theatres to reopen and the situation looks uncertain. Iconic single screen theatres like AVM Rajeshwari, Maharani and Agasthya have been completely shut down due to non revenue and other losses. A lot of theatre owners across the country have been requesting the Indian Government to allow the theatres to reopen with minimum occupancy, but we will have to wait for a few more days to get a better clarity. Rumours are that the theatres might open from the first week of October, but there has been no official word yet.

A few other theatre owners have taken this time to renovate the theatre premises to make it look better and more comfortable. With that being said, the iconic Vettri Theatres in Chromepet, Chennai, will undergo a renovation now to make the fans and patrons happy when they come back after a long gap. The renovation will happen in the balcony area of the main ‘Vettri’ screen, while the rest of the areas will function as before. The balcony area will be upgraded, in terms of seating and comfort and it is going to be interesting to see the new outlook of the theatre soon.

Rakesh Gowthaman, the proprietor of Vettri Theatres, took to his Twitter page to share this news with his well wishers. He sounded quite positive and confident about the reopening of theatre business and added that this renovation is for the love of the customers. He shared the picture of the empty balcony stand and wrote, “Despite everything, we will keep evolving for our beloved customers !!! Upgraded Balcony On The Day We Restart Business … #Vettri #RGBVettri”.

Vettri Theatres is a two-screen (Vettri and Rakesh) theatre situated at Chromepet, equipped with latest technologies. Vettri Theatres is widely known for its spectacular projection quality, thereby giving an immense movie watching experience for the fans. The theatre is also known for its early morning shows for big star films and it is one of the favourite spots for a lot of actors and directors to watch their films along with the fans. Check out Rakesh Gowthaman's latest tweet below: