As we all know, Meera Mitun’s controversial video talking negatively about Thalapathy Vijay and Suriya and their families has not gone well with the majority. The video has earned the wrath of the fans who have demanded an apology from Meera Mitun. Quite a few people have also stated that Meera is doing this for publicity and nothing else. Having said that, Vanitha Vijayakumar has posted a series of tweets indirectly talking about this issue. She explained about negativity on social media and how one can use it for their own personal gain. Vanitha added that cyber bullying needs to stop and the cyber laws should be even more severe and strict.

Vanitha’s series of tweets read, “Now do u understand the negativity in social media and the way one can misuse it ?freedom of speech doesn't mean one can butt into anyone's personal life and make derogatory comments. Next these small time YouTube Media blows up all these things unnecessarily. if all this has to Stop cyber laws has to be much more strict and take immediate action against any cyberbullies. It's a serious offense.

When it effects one personally is when they know the pain. it isn't nice to talk about anyone's character and degrade them publically on a networking platform Let's all stop doing that then the world will change. when one person does it the affected person does it in return out of anger.but people also forget someone started it. If all of us mind our own business this wouldn't happen. #Ignorenegativity #mindyourbusiness #cyberbullying”. These tweets have gone viral among Vanitha’s followers.

Notably, Vanitha also complained of being cyber bullied by Suriya Devi and others and we saw the series of events that followed after. Currently, all the controversies surrounding Vanitha Vijayakumar are slowly subsiding and she is concentrating on her professional work. We have been seeing her as one of the judges of the superhit show - Kalakka Povathu Yaaru (Season 9).

As part of following her passion, Vanitha has been posting cooking and health related videos on her official YouTube channel. Vanitha will also be acting in quite a few notable upcoming Tamil films for which we can expect announcements soon. For now, check out Vanitha Vijayakumar’s latest tweets about cyberbullying and negativity on social media: