India is suffering badly at the hands of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus! When this Pandemic struck, India was one of the least affected nations but now, our country stands 3rd on the list of nations most affected by this deadly Virus, in the world! India is only behind the USA and Brazil on this list! However, the mortality rate in our country is far lesser than a number of other nations, especially when compared to the sheerly vast topography and the dense population! The number of people infected by the Corona Virus in India is touching nearly 2 million but the number of recoveries is also high with about 1.33 million people having recovered from it. Unfortunately, about 40,699 people have lost their lives to this virus! However, it is the recoveries, especially those of people with other challenges that give other people a confidence to overcome this Virus even if they are unfortunate to be infected by it!

One such inspiring tale is that of 105-year-old Mohanamma, from Kurnool! The centenarian from Kurnool Old Town lost her husband Madhavaswamy in 1991, and has three sons & 5 daughters. With the number of COVID patients surging in Kurnool district, healthcare volunteers are conducting doorstep testing on people aged 60 and above. When Mohanamma was tested during one such test, she was found to be COVID positive, following which she was admitted to the Kurnool Government General Hospital, on July 19th! Reports state that when she was tested, she did not display any other symptoms except mild fever. However, like all other COVID positive patients, Mohanamma was also admitted to the isolation ward of the hospital and given due treatment! 

The success story is that, despite being 105 years old, Mohanamma completed the 14 days mandatory treatment period for the Corona Virus and emerged without any complications! She was discharged from the hospital on July 31st! Her incident-free and smooth recovery has turned into a big inspiration for all those suffering from this Corona Virus! Talking about going through this Virus and overcoming it successfully, Mohanamma mentioned that she has never experienced or seen anything like this before in her life! She also mentioned that her daily healthy routine, including Yoga and meditation, helped her recover from this deadly Virus. She even went on to call Yoga & Meditation to be the secret behind her longevity and good health! Let's hope all those infected by the Corona Virus draw inspiration from this centenarian Mohanamma and go on to beat the Virus!