This COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic has brought with it its own set of superstitions and fears. People who are not aware of the exact nature of the disease or how it works, obstruct even the proper functioning of formalities. Earlier in April, there was an incident in Chennai when a doctor - Dr. Simon Hercules was denied burial at a local graveyard as he had died due to the Corona Virus. A mob had intervened in his funeral and even attacked the ambulance vehicle in which his corpse was brought in. Then, the Police and other authorities had to intervene to help Dr. Simon's family bury him in peace! This incident was not isolated as there were other such incidents across the state and the Police and government announced strict action against those who refused to allow the proper cremation of people who died due to COVID.

Now, a similar heartwrenching incident has come to light from Navalpur Village in Ranipet, near Vellore! 34-year-old Archana was a nurse who chose that field despite getting enough marks in her academics to pursue Dental studies! She wanted to serve the needy and chose to become a nurse. Archana, wife of B Reuben Rajkumar, was working as a nurse at the Arcot Government Hospital on a contract and continued to take care of COVID patients, despite having Asthma, herself! She was not even paid her salary for the past 5 months but continued to do her duty without any grudges. Unfortunately, Archana herself contracted the virus and her family struggled to pay for her treatment. They went to the extent of pleding her gold jewels to pay for it!

Archana succumbed to the Corona Virus on August 2nd and is survived by her husband, their son and her brother! Archana's burial was supposed to happen at a local cemetery in Navalpur and the District Administration officials also inspected the spot and asked that the burial spot be 12 feet deep. Despite Archana's family following all the formalities, when they went for her burying her, a former Chairman of the locality and a few of his supporters along with some other locals, obstructed her burial. They refused to allow the volunteers of the Manithaneya Makkal Katchi from proceeding with Archana's cremation. Finally, her burial happened the following evening after some officials of the local administration reached the spot and intervened. Latest reports state that legal action has been initiated against those who obstructed the burial. Some reports state that Archana is said to have experienced some symptoms of COVID and passed away within days of being admitted to the hospital, even before her COVID test results came through! We pray for the soul of this brave frontline COVID warrior to rest in peace!