The Marathi TV show Sahkutumb Sahaparivar has been in the midst of controversy over the past few days after actress Annapurna Vitthal brought to light an incident where her co-stars Sunil Barve, Nandita Patkar, Kishori Ambiye and director Bharat Gaikwad had allegedly mocked her. Vitthal claimed that her co-stars and the director mentally tortured her and cited them as the reason for provoking her to commit suicide. Now, a new shocking incident has hit the headlines after another actress Swati Bhadave filed an FIR against the show's production controller Swapnil Lokhande (Bunty). Swati, who has also appeared on the show Crime Patrol, has accused Swapnil of inappropriate behaviour. 

Speaking to ETimes TV, Swati Bhadave alleged that Swapnil Lokhande had asked her to get intimate with him, while adding that she had never faced such an experience in her career. Having worked as a body double for actress Nandita Patkar on Sahkutumb Sahaparivar, Swati filed an FIR against the production controller at the Goregaon Police Station. She said, "I have been in the industry for many years, but here in the show, I worked as the lead actress’ body double. Nandita Patkar was late on the set for some reason, so I had to play her role because only her backside was needed in one of the shots." 

Swati further stated, "Swapnil Lokhande asked me for my number. He later asked me whether I am flexible about working in Pune or not. I said yes, I am flexible and can work anywhere. Then he asked me to give him something that he needed. I told him I will give him a commission. But he said he wants something else. He said he wants to make a physical relationship with me (get intimate with me) and he will get more work for me if I agree. I was shocked." Relieved that the police were swift in taking action and arresting Swapnil, Swati added, "I have been working in the industry for many years. I have worked in Crime Patrol too. Along with Hindi TV shows, I worked in Marathi shows like Phulala Sugandha Maticha, Jijamata etc. but never experienced something like this."