Though the sensational Nadigar Sangam elections came to an end with Vishal's Pandavar Ani making a clean sweep, there have still been various dramas happening. With regards to the pre-election war of words that happened between the two teams and also as an advise to the young newly elected Nadigar Sangam heads, actor Suriya has released a congratulatory as well as request note. The actor published the note on his Official Twitter handle which reminds the recent election campaigns that witnessed many regrettable incidents. The actor recollected the war of words that happened in the name of campaign, which went to an extreme of personal attacks. Though peacekeeping measures were initiated, it failed miserably.

"While one side, kept chanting that ‘actors are one family’, on the other side, there were campaigns to divide this ‘family’ on caste and language," stated the actor. He also pointed out that there were campaigns where actors were ridiculed with regards to their success and failure of their films.

Suriya also shared his disappointment over the actors who abused few experienced veteran actors just because they openly declared their support to their favourite candidates. To put an end to such acts in the future, Suriya pleaded the new team to not take their responsibilities as favours. The actor requested the young team to set an example in the way they treat their senior artists and also strive for the welfare of the artists through the association.

"Please fulfill the promises that you made. Please sow seeds of unity and chase away enmity. Your first victory is the trust and expectation that our fellow artists had vested on you. Let's all work towards the growth and welfare of artists and the film industry together," concluded the actor.