'Superstar' Rajinikanth's reaction after watching Maaveeran, Sivakarthikeyan shares a heart-warming statement: "I'll say this as many times I have to..."

Superstar rajinikanth reaction after watching maaveeran sivakarthikeyan wishes jailer movie team - Tamil Movie Cinema News

Tamil actor Sivakarthikeyan has shared 'Superstar' Rajinikanth's reaction after watching his latest film, Maaveeran, which has turned out to be a phenomenal box office success. Currently busy filming his next big film, the tentatively titled SK 21, the Don star shared a video of himself on X and expressed his excitement for Rajinikanth's Jailer. Speaking about the success of Maaveeran, Sivakarthikeyan said, "Hello. Good morning to everyone. I should have posted this video yesterday, but since shooting for my next film has been going on day and night in Kashmir, this got delayed. Maaveeran has completed 25 days in its theatrical run successfully. I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who watched the film and showered their appreciation and made it such a big box-office success. Thank you to the fans of all the stars, cinema audiences across all the states, and press, media, and internet portals, and a special thanks to my dear brothers and sisters. Love you." 

Sivakarthikeyan then went on to share about Rajinikanth's reaction after watching Maaveeran. He said, "This video is also intended to convey one more important piece of information. 'Superstar' Thalaivar Rajinikanth sir watched Maaveeran and shared his wishes. This is a special feeling for our entire team. And, to me, personally, this is very, very special. There's no debate about that. And, despite the Jailer audio launch and the film's release works, he took time to watch Maaveeran and shared his wishes with not only me but the entire team... Thalaiva, you are always great." 

Sharing furthermore about how Rajinikanth's felt after watching Maaveeran, Sivakarthikeyan said the iconic Tamil actor completely enjoyed the film and said it was grand. He stated," 'You performed really well. The story was different. You're selecting different stories, right?' Rajinikanth sir said and his words gave me goosebumps. Thank you so much, Thalaiva. I'm your biggest fan and I'll say this as many times I have to. I entered the film industry after watching you. I put up banners celebrating you and your films. I'll cherish your words of appreciation for a lifetime." SK continued, "And, along with this joyous news, I'd like to share one more thing. Tomorrow is a special day for everyone. Jailer release day. It will definitely be yet another fantastic day in his life. Thalaiva, we are not only sending out our congratulations to you but worshiping you as well. You should continue to entertain us. We will continue to celebrate you always. Always love you Thalaiva and my wishes to the entire Jailer team. I believe Jailer will be a mega-blockbuster success. And, thank you to everyone."

Watch Sivakarthikeyan share Rajinikanth's reaction after watching Maaveeran in the video below: