Jailer actress Ramya Krishnan talks about Nelson's direction style, says "Rajini sir also does that kind of comedy..." - EXCLUSIVE

Ramya krishnan about jailer director nelson and acting with superstar rajinikanth - Tamil Movie Cinema News

Ramya Krishnan is a versatile actress who has acted in a diverse variety of roles. The upcoming film of the actress is along-side ‘Superstar' Rajinikanth for the Nelson directorial film Jailer. The film has created huge excitement among fans and movie buffs. The actress gave an exclusive interview with national award-winning film critic Baradwaj Rangan. She shared many interesting details about her experience working in interesting roles across her career and about Jailer in the interview. When asked about how Nelson directs, "the actress said he has a knack for getting the best out of comedians and the best out of that, with a straight face, the dialogues, which are a huge blast in the theatres. That is typically Nelson’s kind of comedy".

The actress explained that the performers will be talking seriously, but the audience will be laughing, "I think that's his trademark." She then added that in certain scenes she was making suggestions and another person would be speaking the dialogue, and she wouldn’t be able to contain the laughter. "It was so difficult to contain my laughter. And Rajini sir also does this kind of comedy; you know, he also does this, and that was so beautiful", she added. When asked if there was any nervousness acting with Rajinikanth and if she and Superstar were buddies, the actress said, "No, no, Rajini sir is Rajini sir only." She then added, "When they call start, camera action, then there is a lapse in between for me, so there will be no tension, nothing. It's only the dialogue and the character. But there are no buddies at all." She then explained that 

'Superstar' Rajinikanth's Jailer has a huge star cast that includes Ramya Krishnan in an important role. The film has created a huge excitement and is to release in theatres on August 10.