In heartbreaking news, Sri Lankan musical legend Sunil Perera passed away on Monday (September 6) due to COVID-19 complications. He was 68. Perera, who was nicknamed "Baila Chakravarthy", was discharged a few days back after making a recovery from COVID-19, but had to be readmitted due to an illness. The acclaimed vocalist, guitarist, songwriter and music composer, however, passed away on Monday morning, his family said in a statement. 

Condolences have been pouring in for Sunil Perera from notable celebrities and personalities in Sri Lanka among whom included former Sri Lankan cricket captain Kumar Sangakkara who tweeted, "A kind, gentle and generous man who moved us with song and rhythm. Small made but giant in influence and heart". Likewise, popular Tamil singer Dinesh Kanagaratnam, known among fans as ADK too posted his heartfelt condolences in a tribute on social media. Taking to Instagram, the Sri Lankan R&B and hip hop artist wrote, "My heart is shattered hearing this news as we have lost a legend and one of my heros Mr. Sunil Perera. 1987, I first heard this song Oye Ojaye and made me go mad at that age and music was super International. The king of Biala and the man who spoke the truth through is songs in a very humours manner. I have performed in front of him, won awards in front of him, but never had the guts to go him and say how much I loved him. His son being a good friend of mine, I have mentioned that and his team many times how much I loved him. This is a very devasting news. But your contribution to us will stay ever sir. A legacy is not made, it's created and you did it. He is this one man who gave his songs to every youngsters to reproduce without shouting for copyright claims. His song title was inspired and used in the movie Thenali by Kamal Hassan had Mr. abdhul Hameed honoured him. SUNIL PERERA IS OUR PRIDE. REST LIKE A KING. REST IN PEACE. #SunilPereraForEver."


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Born in 1952, Sunil Perera was one of 10 children and joined the band 'The Gypsies', which was originally founded by his father, who was an ex-soldier. Perera along with his brother later released several hits and thus went on to garner a huge following in Sri Lanka. Hailed as an icon in the baila genre, he wrote and performed songs that were centered mostly around life and politics in Sri Lanka.