A few days before, legendary singer S.P.Balasubrahmanyam informed his fans and followers that he was tested positive for Corona Virus and was undergoing treatment for the same in a private hospital in Chennai. He also added that he was taken good care by the medical officials in the hospital. Talking in the video, SPB had said, "Since, last two days, I was having a little discomfort, discomfort means, chest condition, flum forming, cold and on and off fever which for a singer it is non-sense. Only these issues, otherwise, I didn’t have any problems but I didn’t want to take it easy, so, I had been to a hospital to check and they said, it is a mild, mild, very mild case of Corona, so they advised me to stay home and quarantine myself and take the medication.

But I didn’t want to do that, it is tough for the family to see you suffer, they can’t leave you alone, they are very concerned. So, I got admitted in the hospital, all my friends are here and they are taking good concern. I am in good hands and I am in good health. So, nobody has to worry about me. So, please don’t bother to call me and ask how I am. I am perfectly alright expected for the cold and fever, even fever has been subsided. In two days, I will be discharged and be home. So, thanks for your concern, lots of people have been calling me, and I couldn’t attend so many calls. I have come here to take rest so there won’t be any disturbance for me. I am fine and I will be fine.

However, according to latest updates, SPB’s health condition has deteriorated since last night (August 13) and is critical. The health bulletin from MGM Healthcare Hospital reads, "There has been a setback in the health of Thiru S P Balasubrahmanyam who had been admitted at MGM Healthcare for symptoms of COVID since 5th August 2020. In a late night development on 13th August 2020, his condition had deteriorated and based on the advice of the expert medical team attending to him, he has been moved to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and he is on life support and his condition remains critical. He is currently under observation by the team of experts from critical care and his haemodynamic and clinical parameters are being closely monitored.

This news has come as a shocker for the fans and people of Tamil Nadu are praying for the speedy recovery of SPB. We hope he gains strength and comes out with good health.