Rani rejects 25 scripts

Rani, whose debut movie Baaji released a few ago, is finding the going very tough. No, it is not because she is finding it hard to get roles; it is because she is�only being offered roles which are not to her taste.

Rani claims�she has rejected around 25 scripts because she found the roles unsuitable. “Some directors and producers are more interested in designing costumes�for the heroines, rather than the script,” she says.

Rani was Miss Karnataka 2008 and her ambition was to become an air hostess.� Now that she has debuted in films, what do people say about her acting? “People who saw the film told me that as a newcomer, I have done a good job. A few others told me that I need to improve,” she reveals.

Rani has completed shooting for a Telugu film Allam Velluli and is waiting for more good roles to come her way.