Earlier today (December 3), Superstar Rajinikanth made a breaking announcement about his political party launch. He revealed that his party will be launched officially in January 2021 and the date of launch will be announced on December 31, 2020. This announcement created a phenomenal buzz among the people of Tamil Nadu and it has become the talk of the town. Following the announcement, Rajinikanth met the press and media to talk about the same. Rajinikanth's bold and strong statements in the press meet have gone viral among his fans and followers. Rajinikanth confessed that he is ready to even lose his life for the people of Tamil Nadu.

He said, "During the 2017 fans meet, I had informed that my political party will contest in the State Election. Ahead of starting the party, I wanted to travel across the state and meet the people of Tamil Nadu to hear about their problems, in person. But, the plans were scrapped due to Corona. I need to tell something that many people may not be aware of. The doctors, when they performed the Kidney transplant surgery on me, my immunity strength was reduced because only when that is low, the kidney transplantation can happen. On the contrary, you need to have strong immune power to defend Corona. Doctors advised me not to start the party now as it is not medically safe to go on political campaigns.

However, I need to do it as it is the need of the hour. How can I ask for votes from people without meeting them? I would like to recollect an incident where the love and prayers of the people of Tamil Nadu made me recover from my severe illness. I escaped death. I keep the same faith and belief in them and getting ready to meet them. Even if I die during the campaigning, I'd be the happiest. I am ready to lose my life for the people of Tamil Nadu who made me who I am now. I will always keep up my promise.

In 2017 December, I told I will contest in the State Elections and now, I am going to. Tamil Nadu politics definitely need a change. There is a void. The change is the need. If not now, it is never going to change. I am just a tool and the people of Tamil Nadu should only drive me forward. If I win, it is people's victory and if I lose, it is their loss, I request everyone's support in the 2021 Elections. I firmly believe in the people,". Check out Rajinikanth's press meet video below:

(News Image Courtesy: Arun Prasath photography)