Popular Tamil comedy actor Sendrayan has tested positive for the Covid 19 virus and he shared the news through a video that is now doing rounds on social media. Talking in the video, Sendrayan said, "Hello everyone. I am not acting and this is for real. I am inhaling steam. I have always been a very positive person, be it about life, or my acting career, I have never been negative. But, I have now tested positive for the Covid 19 virus. I used to be quite careless about the virus and only after contracting it, I am realising the intensity of the virus. People, please be careful. I have quarantined myself and I am staying inside my room in my house.

My wife and kid are staying in another room. This virus is not like how we assume it to be. The situation is very dangerous and please, be careful and stay safe". This video has gone viral among the fans who have sent their positive words of support and encouragement for Sendrayan and we hope that his road to recovery is smooth.

It can be noted that Gabriella and Aajeedh had tested positive for Covid 19 last week and Sendrayan has become the third person from the BB Jodigal team to contract the virus. Does this mean that the show will face a delay in the shoot? Well, let us keep our fingers crossed and wait for further updates.

Sendrayan got his first breakthrough as an actor after playing one of the leads in the black comedy-drama, Moodar Koodam, directed by Naveen. Moodar Koodam was one of the first films that gave Sendrayan an identity and since then, he has managed to feature in several notable biggies. After Moodar Koodam, Sendrayan acted in movies like Yatchan, Metro, Pa Paandi, Spyder, Asuran, Vada Chennai, Sulthan, and more. He took part in the second season of Bigg Boss Tamil which made him a household name. He was one of those fewer contestants who came out of the show without any bad name.

As the second wave of Covid 19 is getting intense and severe with every passing day, Galatta Media urges you to wear a mask, follow the rules and restrictions imposed by the State and National Governments. Stay safe!