Popular model and actress Poonam Pandey has opened up for the first time after she lodged a police complaint against her husband, film producer Sam Bombay, whom she had married in a hush-hush ceremony on September 10. The couple were on their honeymoon when she filed the complaint against him in which she stated that Sam had "molested her, and threatened her with dire consequences after assaulting her", the police said in a statement, while adding that she was shooting for a film in Canacona village in south Goa. 

In her latest statement, Poonam has said that Sam Bombay had always been violent in their relationship and that she had hoped for him to change his behaviour after their marriage. She has added saying he was possessive and would frequently lose his temper. As a result, she has decided to not go back and has announced that she is ending her marriage with him. 

During an interview to The Times of India, Poonam Pandey narrated the incident that had transpired in Goa between her and Sam Bombay. She said, "Sam and I had an argument, which escalated, and he began hitting me. He choked me and I thought I was going to die. He punched me in my face, pulled me by my hair and banged my head against the corner of the bed,". She added, "He knelt on my body, pinned me down and assaulted me. Somehow, I managed to break free and bolted out of the room. The hotel staff called the cops, who took him away. I filed a complaint against him."

Poonam has revealed that she has decided to end her marriage with Sam after he assaulted her and added that she prefers being single than in a relationship that is abusive. She states, "This time, I don’t plan to go back to him. I don’t think it’s a smart idea to return to a person, who has beaten you up like an animal, without even thinking of the consequence. In a bid to save our relationship, I have suffered a lot. I prefer being single than in an abusive relationship. I have decided to end our marriage. It’s about time I moved on."

Sam Bombay was released on bail on Wednesday, which was set at Rs 20,000. He has been further instructed to report to the Canacona police station for four days from Wednesday, while also being told not to interfere with any of the witnesses reported in the case.