The messaging app WhatsApp is one of the most widely used apps by all smartphone users! Some phones actually come with the app pre-installed as almost every smartphone user is on the app which allows people to send messages and also transfer documents and media, as well as talk over audio and video calls! The app was taken over by Facebook and has since been introducing many new features with each update. WhatsApp is preferred by people as it is also very secure with end-to-end encryption, ensuring that nobody except the sender and receiver can view any conversations. However, for those who use more than 1 smartphone or devices like tablets, it was difficult to use the same WhatsApp account on all their devices.

Now, we have an exciting news to report! A latest report by the WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo states that very soon an update by the app would allow Beta users to use the same account on multiple devices! The report also adds that some new features have been spotted on the desktop version of the app, as well as the Android version. Once this new feature is introduced, WhatsApp users will be able to access their single WhatsApp account on multiple devices, independently! As of now, to access WhatsApp on the desktop, users will have to go through the Web WhatsApp and link it with their phones! 

The report states that this new feature will allow users to access WhatsApp on up to four devices, at the same time. After being tested in the Beta version, if the app runs smoothly without any hiccups because of the new feature, it will also be rolled out in the stable version of the app. There are speculations that WhatsApp would be calling the new feature 'Linked Devices'. It would be made available to users through a 3-dots icon, to be brought on the right corner of the app. This will ensure, users don't have to log off from 1 device to use WhatsApp on another device, which is how they can use it on a different device now. This new feature will allow the app to synchronise the data on multiple devices.