'Neeya Naana' Gobinath explains how he handles competition as a TV anchor: "What I found out at one point with..." (EXCLUSIVE)

'Neeya Naana' Gobinath Explains How He Handles Competition As A TV Anchor:
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Gobinath Chandran, a revered name among Tamil audiences, is known best as the anchor of the hit talk and debate show, Neeya Naana, airing on the Vijay Television channel. Having also garnered a name for himself as a radio jockey, journalist, reporter, news presenter, entrepreneur, and writer, he is also a motivational speaker, with his speeches addressed to youngsters earning him immense praise. With Neeya Naana nearing close to two decades since its first broadcast on Vijay TV, Gobinath recently sat down for a heart-to-heart conversation with National Award-winning film critic Baradwaj Rangan, the Editor-in-Chief of Galatta Plus, to talk about his life journey, while also opening up on how he handles his competition as a television anchor. 

Speaking about the competition, Gobinath states, "I've never taken that pressure to the heart. It's good thanks to the channel. They don't even bring the TRP rating details to me. From day 1, this is me. They've always been correct in that and have always given me that space. There may have been meetings amongst themselves to discuss why this show hasn't come to the number one place, but I think we are still producing the best numbers. I truly don't know the game, but the people on the other shows will say that they know. In a way, I'm fortunate that I didn't take the pressures of the TRP and the performance of this show to my head since it might have affected my work. Secondly, I'll always be connected with only one thing - me and the people. Apart from that, I'm not interested to know who is ahead or behind me in that race. I don't know whether that is right or wrong, but that makes me feel good. I do the task handed out to me the right way. I won't try to fix something in the next episode I couldn't in the previous one." 

Gobinath continued, "What I found out at one point with Neeya Naana is that the people watch the show on time, and with every episode, if I start to see whether I've done a great job or something needs fixing, the original spontaneity will be affected. The crux of Neeya Naana is that the anchor of the show should be one among the people. And, that's when I decided that I would not sit down after every show and try to see what went wrong or what needed to be fixed for the next episode. If I start doing that, I'm out. Whether it's right or wrong, let it take its own form and shape. I have never gone into the game to see how the previous episode or the last few episodes have performed and neither do I do that today." 

Watch Gobinath Chandran in conversation with Baradwaj Rangan in the video below: