Director Mani Ratnam's Kadal, featuring debutantes Gautham Karthik and Thulasi in the lead roles, received mixed reviews and some distributors protested in front of his office demanding compensation. But the director clarified that he has sold the worldwide rights to another company and he cannot he held responsible for the distributors' loss.

Few days back, distributor Mannan filed a complaint with the Police Commissioner demanding compensation from Mani Ratnam for the loss incurred. The director has now sued the distributor for false allegations against him.

Mani Ratnam's laywer, Abudu Kumar said,"We have sued Mannan for the defamatory remarks and case he has made against Mani Ratnam. We have filed a suit claiming five crore rupees for the damages that he has caused to the director's reputation. A restraining order was also passed by the Madras High Court and notice has been issued restraining Mannan from entering Mani Ratnam's office or residence."