Popular Malayalam actress Remya Suresh's name has made the headlines for all the wrong reasons as an alleged pornographic video has gone viral on social media, which has been attributed to her. Remya was shocked upon hearing the news from a friend who informed her that the video was doing the rounds under her name. Taking to her Facebook page, the actress broke down while telling that the girl in the video looked very similar to her and said, "Her facial features surprisingly match with mine." Remya added, "Those who know me well, will be able to differentiate if they look closely. However, I'm afraid many others will not be able to spot that difference."

Stating that she has filed a police complaint with the Superintendent of Police in Alappuzha and the Cyber Cell, Remya Suresh said, "That person in the video is not me and my husband too is extremely supportive, which is giving me a lot of courage at this time. Officials too have expressed their support towards me and have given me an assurance that they will do everything they can to help with this ordeal. They have collected details of the individual who had shared the video." She further stated, "Upon returning home, I felt confident. However, I have been receiving a lot of messages on my Facebook page and am worried as to how I will be judged after they watch that video. Because at first glance, the girl in the video looks like me."

Addressing viewers, an emotional Remya Suresh said that she is able to deal with this unexpected and unfortunate incident because of the support from her family. She also noted how many innocent lives have gone awry as a result of such mischievous actions of a few. "I have never made any compromises in my life and have reached where I am today on my own. I request you not to think ill of me and send me any such messages."